Watch the Credits

When the credits start to roll and the lights go up
When you brush the excess popcorn from your jeans
Or check your lap for wayward jellybeans
And drain the final dribbles from your cup
Don’t get up. Stay. Should you wish to rise
Lethargically, as if from a long journey
First recognise that everything this film had to say
These people said it. Stay. Watch the credits.

Each moment you spent in suspense, each twist
In the tight-wrought plot, the light on the cheeks
Of the actors when they kissed, the bird-in-flight
Sight of the city, the fraught exchanges and taut arrangements
Pitch-perfect simulations of love and fear
The stitching in the hems of the robes they wear
Each laugh, each sigh of relief, each tear
Is engineered. And the roll-call of the architects is here.

So stay put. Don’t look to the exit yet. Respect
For a moment the context of this scrolling text.
Behind this illusion is a team of magicians
And nothing is born without labour, so savour
The essence of the picture in the names of its creators.
These are the puppeteers who disappear
With the strings and the sawdust in the final edit
But they’re all right here. So stay. And watch the credits.