A Voter’s Reflections in Rhyme

Written on the 18th September 2014.

‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’
To be honest I wanted so much more
I don’t need Rabbie Burns, but they ask me so abruptly
And ‘yes’ or ‘no’ don’t lend themselves to metaphor.

Then there’s the trek to the community centre
With its wee metal boxes and flimsy stalls
Some auld yin at the desk, pencil and paper
The tech, the venue, the staff – a bit rustic, that’s all.

But, I have never been a fraction as excited
At Caesura, the Sub Club or Yellowcraigs beach
As when making that mark – as if something ignited –
A spark that turned talk into serious speech.

I knew I’d be buzzing, but something surprised
Beyond all the novelty and singular thrill
It started as a feeling, and then crystallised:
The graphite was etching my political will.

A strange new electric, an unfamiliar frisson
A vote not felt to be futile and bored
I heard my own voice, and heard all who listened –
Speech is only serious when it’s heard.

‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’
Ask this question 4.289 million times
And listen as a million pencils bluntly
Change everything with two bisecting lines.


What beautiful platitudes, but here comes the postscript
I’m drunk – the sentimental stage has passed
This stanza’s slightly different – the BBC would have to cut it
Basically, yous better all be voting YAS

For when today tick-tocks into tomorrow
And the eagle comes swooping through the glen
If the winner is the one that’s filled with sorrow
You know the one, the one that starts with ‘n’
I’ll probably cry and never vote again
I’ll probably cry, and never vote again